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Monday, February 6, 2012

Ironic Inspiration

As I was finishing up a new tune last week I began pondering this subject of inspiration. Sometimes the songs flow out of me like I am a mere conduit
receiving music from the heavens. Other times, ideas refuse to visit me and should they appear, refuse to develop. Why should this be? Inspiration comes to me in so many forms of beauty and art too numerous to mention. Natural, rhythms, symmetry, vibrant colors and harmony are around us everyday. The goal, then is too learn to tap into these sources and remove my ego from interfering with the natural flow. Pushing harder to finish a song idea has never been effective for me. The hard pushing usually only scares my ideas into a corner where proper development can never occur.

So I found myself re-learning this lesson (again!). This song I was working on had been sitting in my mind fully complete for over a year. I could hear the music and changes. I could even hear a vocalist singing beautiful melodies but it was like they were in a different language. As clear as the melody was, I could not seem the understand the words. For months I forced snippets of words over this melody to no avail. They simply were not the correct words (although, sometimes they rhymed with them).

So you can imagine my surprise when the words finally revealed themselves to me and I found that they were speaking about the very subject of INSPIRATION. Surely this is what the song was trying to tell me the entire time I was failing to understand the vague lyrics in my head. It was almost like being hit over the head by my own song. Of course I will endure any pain for my art and inspiration (like I have any choice). So come on you BIG, BAD INSPIRING INPIRATION: Hit me! PLease!

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