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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Burn the Ships - Illustrated by NC Wyeth?

I made an amazing discovery while doing some research for a series of paintings I'm working on. The cover illustration for our CD Burn the Ships was also done by famous illustrator N.C. Wyeth!

Who knew?

Hm... let's look at them side-by-side:

Then I discovered something even more amazing... if you look closely at the CD cover, you can see three figures on the hill in the distance; and, if you look closely at the Wyeth illustration, you can see four figures standing just by the trees in the distance below.

It's true. You can see 'em right there.

(I guess the crew was divided on whether or not the burning of ships was, in fact, a good idea. )

In all honesty, I had NO idea that I was creating a landscape that interlocked perfectly with the scene in the Wyeth piece. Up until now, I had never even seen this particular illustration.
That just goes to show what a powerful influence Wyeth and Howard Pyle had on me as an artist, from a very young age!

What a bizarre coincidence! Perhaps there's even a Burn the Ships graphic novel, or comic book out there too!

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