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Monday, December 12, 2011

Are all these your guitars?!?

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In the old days days, I used to have a wife to tell me how many instruments I ought to have and where to store them among other things. Not having these restraints imposed (Galynn is much too cool for that!) has had the effect of doubling my guitar collection. None of them are fancy or very expensive but they have been multiplying and inhabiting ever increasing real estate in our home.

In the last few years, the kids have been pursuing their own musical ambitions and in doing so have purchased a few instruments of their own. Now we have guitars in nearly every room in the house including our "music room" where you are likely to find 5-8 guitars scattered around the piano at any given moment.

One day last week we were all sitting in our pile of guitars in the music room discussing weird tunings or the "spider chord" or something when the sheer magnitude of of our massive pile really struck us. The question soon came up: How many guitars do we actually have?

We called for a full muster: All guitars on deck. All strings would be counted.

After an exhaustive search of all rooms, closets and stray cases here is the final stats:
15 total stringed instruments with necks including:
6 acoustics, 5 hard body electrics, 2 hollow-bodies, and 1 each bass and mandolin.
We counted 90 total strings then caught ourselves in time before counting all the frets. Then we realized not all of our instruments were even in the house. Three were being stored over at mom's house.

Our picture is also filled with hidden guitars throughout as little toys or held by statuettes and even in the pics on the wall. The grand total number of guitars in the picture, therefore, cannot be fully computed without a team of dedicated counting professionals and right now all of mine are playing music.

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