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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A New Summer, a New Drummer!!! New music, new everything! It's a whole new ballgame! (how appropriate for this time of year!)

I'd like to personally welcome our new brother, Mark Johnson, on drums.
I think you're gonna love him - I know we do!
Let me list a few of Mark's shining qualities:
* He shows up. On time!!! (is this guy really a drummer?) LOL  ;)
* He shows up prepared. He does what it takes to have the music ready to go!
   (Sometimes it involves these strange scribblings... very cryptic...)
* He learns new music quickly and accurately.
* He is very easy to work with.
* He is talented, flexible, and a solid drummer.
* He is s great guy, and a delight to be around.
Hope you can join us in the near future to say hello to Mark, and enjoy him like we have been!
The music for the next CD is coming together nicely, and Mark is adding his input along with all of us. 
I'm really looking forward to a productive, fun summer - making great music and having a great time, while we make great music, and have a great time, making great music... and so on...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a gallery of photographs of Ironwood Rain LIVE!

Oriental Theater:


Taste of Colorado:

Anam Cara Living Arts Gallery:

Toad Tavern:

with special guest Josie Quick. (can you guess which song we're playing?)

COMBO Music Festival:

Golden's First Friday Festival:

Mercury Cafe:

Colorado Tartan Day Festival:


Josie Quick (Perpetual Motion)

who also plays violin on our second CD, Burn the Ships

Ed Bonham

who played drums on our debut CD TRIO

The infamous Michael Sheridan (you may know him as Cap'n Jack McCool)

our featured musical guest at the Pirate Party in 2010
DRUMMERS (just don't say "Spinal Tap!")
Our first drummer, Gary Saint Germain:

without whom, we would never have acquired the official 'Ironwood Rain Hard Hats':

the ultra-cool Phil Regas, our second drummer:

the awesome Craig Tomanini:
Master of the surf beat,
and occasional wearer of
the bunny mask!

Live photos from 'the Early Years' or Ironwood Rain:

we couldn't do it without the love and support of our fans!


There are all kinds of Ironwood Rain fans (and we LOVE them all!!!)


All the fans, friends (across the country and all over the world), fellow members of the musical community, and family who come out to see us, who buy our CDs, ask for autographs, and who spread the word by telling their friends...

...within the larger group, there are those we call:

Our enthusiastic supporters, who can be seen regularly at shows and events... and whose love, support, and creativity keep us going! the heart of the Rain Gang, there's a handful of hard-core supporters, who are in front of the stage or on the dance floor at nearly every performance, have all the CDs, and know the words to the songs at least as well as we do... we call them:

Of course, we couldn't talk about support without mentioning our spouses, significant others, and family:

They do more than support us... they have to live with us day to day!

We're fans of other bands too... and part of a wonderful, growing musical community. We enjoy going to see other bands perform, to show our love and support.

And of course, we're constantly collaborating with our fellow musicians - for example, the
CD Relief Concert
at the Oriental Theater; with Chris Daniels, Demon Funkies, Tequila Mockingbird, Hazel Miller, Jock Bartley and Rick Roberts (from Firefall) and others:

and the Ironwood Rain/Demon Funkies Pajama Party at the Buffalo Rose: