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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rock Band Adventures

I'm not sure how it got into my house because I've had a no-video game policy for many years. Somehow Santa sneaked this one through my defenses. Neatly under the tree last Christmas was a neatly wrapped Wii Warriors of Rock game.

I have been avoiding playing this game ever since.

The family plays the game on a near daily basis; doing their expert Simon Says routines. Often they ask me, "Dad, do you want to play with us?" At first I was too busy doing chores, working , or even socializing. Then later my Rock Band itch was thoroughly scatched from a recent IR rehearsal. "Sorry, I just got finished playing Rock Star or Rock Band or whatever you call it." My last excuse was that I did not recognize most of the songs that came with the game. How could I be expected to compete with Simon tossing seemingly random sounds and colors at me?!

That was my downfall. I gave an excuse that had a cure. Two days ago the beatles version of the game found its way to my living room. Now I was finally enjoying the music coming from the kids nightly game. On the second day I wandered into the room with my acoustic guitar and jammed along with every song. Now this was fun! We were all playing together each according to their own ability. After a few rounds in this configuration I was grabbing the microphone to show them how to really do it.

You say want a revolution
Well you know....

So I finally caved. I had a great time playing with my kids rocking out the Rock Band.
Funny, but I still feel like a musician. Currently I have no plans for playing the Simon guitar but we'll have to wait and see how long I can balance on this slippery slope.

Wish me luck!


  1. I might do a little better at this one (I can't tune a real guitar) but I'm afraid my reflexes aren't up to this one either.

    Ah well, I can still play CDs :)

  2. I don't know if my ego could handle failing at the video game. LOL
    The kids were doing pretty well with it when I was over yesterday!
    Rock on, JJ!!!